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Saving with 2 Shires Credit Union is a better way to save. You are not just another customer but an active member of a highly successful financial co-operative. Yes, you have a share in the ownership of the Credit Union. Along with having a say in the operation of the Credit Union you also earn dividends.

Benefits of Credit Union savings

  • Savings balances over and above any loan you may have are available to you to withdraw on demand.
  • Annual dividend on Savings subject to approval at the AGM.
  • Your eligible deposits are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme.
  • There are no transaction charges or fees.

For small to medium savers your Credit Union is where you belong.

Types of Share Accounts

The Credit Union offers flexible savings to suit your needs. You can save as much or as little and as often as you like. Save from £1 per week. The maximum savings a member can hold in the Credit Union is £15,000. As well as regular savings accounts, 2 Shires Credit Union offers Christmas and Holiday savings accounts to help plan for that special occasion and also Junior savings accounts.

Christmas and Holiday Savings

Members of the Credit Union also have the opportunity to open a Christmas or Holiday Savings account. The member will nominate a month that a withdrawal can take place and the money will be kept in this account until this agreed date.

Junior Savers

2 Shires Credit Union also offer a Junior Saver Account. Children (under 18) can start saving and watch their money grow. Save up to a maximum of £15,000, parental control over the account up until the age of 18 when the junior saver becomes a full member.


The dividend relates to the year ended 30th September and is declared at the AGM in February and normally paid in March. The amount of the dividend is based on the actual balances held during the period. 


We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a credit union is unable to meet its financial obligations. Most depositors – including most individuals and small businesses – are covered by the scheme. In respect of deposits, an eligible depositor is entitled to claim up to £85,000.

For joint accounts each account holder is treated as having a claim in respect of their share so, for a joint account held by two eligible depositors, the maximum amount that could be claimed would be £85,000 each (making a total of £170,000).

The £85,000 limit relates to the combined amount in all the eligible depositor’s accounts with the credit union, including their share of any joint account, and not to each separate account.

For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please ask at your local branch, refer to the FSCS website or call 020 7741 4100 or 0800 678 1100.

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